Oct-21st: Navratri Akahnd Japa '2012 @SATSANG Center

Post date: Sep 22, 2012 4:14:23 PM



Gayatri Pariwar Of Massachusetts 

invites you to 

Celebrate AKHAND  JAPA



SUN, OCT 21st , 2012



(12 hours total duration)



Satsang Center

1, Pleasant St., Woburn, MA01801



Treat yourself with deep immersion experience of Spiritual Sadhana in the sanctuary of SATSANG CENTER.

Come and be part of a joyous celebration. 


For directions to Satsang Center Click here.

Dear Friends,

Navaratris are those special 9-day window of the year when a little Sadhana (spiritual effort) yields greater results. And a collective Sadhana is even more fruitful.

So, at the timing and duration of your choice between 6AM& 6PM, please, join & experience this 12-hours continuous Japa (Akhand Japa).


The Sadhana will conclude with Arati.

NOTE:You may do the Japa (repeated recitation) of your “Ishta Mantra” or “Guru Mantra” or “Gayatri Mahamantra”.

For more information visit www.Gayatri.info  or e-mail to    Sangeeta [at] gayatri.info