Gayatri Mantra and Shakti

Gayatri is nothing but the ‘all pervading consciousness’ i.e. Chit-Shakti, the ‘power of achievement’ of Parmatma, who creates, sustains and dissolves the universe. When Parmatma desired (Eko-aham bahusyami) to create the universe, this desire of Parmatma turned into the form of power (Shakti). This power was again dived into to forms (i) animate and (ii) inanimate i.e spiritual and material. These two forms are known as Gayatri and Savitri. These very powers create and make available whatever is required for the creation, sustenance and dissolution.

Whatever is seen in this perceptible world is nothing else but the forms of Gayatri and Savitri ONLY. Behind all the transformations taking place in this universe, the main driving force is the Gayatri and Savitri. Parmatma is only a witness (Sakshi). Parmatma’s desires are carried out through the great power of Gayatri.

Whatever truth or untruth is there in the universe, it is all Gayatri in the form of Brama. Whatever existed and whatever is there in the universe is the form of Gayatri. Whatever power one sees at different levels, in different forms and for different purposes, is the forms of Gayatri only. This power is evident even in the motion of atomic and the sub-atomic particles. The planets, stars and galaxies and other heavenly bodies move in their own planes and spheres with great consistency. All this Lila (play) is the activity and power of the great principle – Parmatma, Which is known as Adi-Shakti Gayatri.

The technique or technology to establish communion with Parmatma is called Upasana. Gayatri Upasana is the technique through which one establishes the contact with the Parmatma and attains Brahma-varchas.

Gayatri is such a divine primordial power that by associating with Gayatri, man can derive great help in spiritual progress. Parmatma has infinite power, each one of these powers have its own purpose and characteristics. Amongst these Gayatri is the most significant and primordial power, which inspires and impels the intellect in virtuous path. For one, who establishes spiritual union with Gayatri, a continuous stream of consciousness flows subtly and influences the mind, intellect, conscience and all the activities of life. It sublimates and purifies the undesirable thoughts and subtle impression (sanskars). The more a person becomes illumined, faster does the ignorance gets removed from the mind.

In order to keep mind pious, unperturbed, un-perverted and equanimous, Gayatri Sadhana (spiritual training) is very essential. A person experiences happiness according to their state of consciousness and this state could be qualitatively transformed by Gayatri Sadhana. When thoughts are sublime and pure, a person acts wisely and experiences joy, mental peace and equanimity.

Indian Culture is founded on the principles of Gayatri the protector of prana and the Devi of wisdom and pure intelligence (Pragya) and Yajna (noble deeds). Gayatri is revered as the mother and Yajna the father of Dev Sanskrit (Indian culture and civilization).

Gayatri is the protector of prana- the scripture "Aitareya Brahmana" defines Gayatri as:

"gayan pranan trayete sa Gayatri"

Which freely translated means : That which protects prana is Gayatri."

Prana means the source of liveliness, consciousness and vitality. The elements within us, that grant us the ability to move, work, think and possess wisdom and life is called prana. It is the presence of prana that keeps us alive. When prana leaves the body, a person dies and the body becomes useless. Thus in other words, prana is the connecting link between our physical body (sthula sharira) and the astral body (sukshma sharira). Due to the presence of prana, living organisms are called prani.

The above discussion leads to the conclusion that the essence of life is prana because it controls the physical capabilities. God has provided this prana in plentiful to use; its infinite store is present all around us. We can acquire prana from this store as per our determination and worthiness. The fact that some people do not possess prana in abundance means they waste and do not conserve the power of their prana. Preservation of the prana makes a person prana-vana, meaning on whose prana is exceptionnaly strong. "Aitareya Brahmana" provides a solution on how to prevent the waste of prana and preserve it – by worshipping Gayatri.