2-Childhood Ceremonies-Sanskars

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The way Hindu lives ,is wrapped around various rites called Sanskar. The Sanskar is said to be helping for achieving spiritual nourishment, peace of mind and ultimately moksha.

Sansar give a spiritual touch to the important events at different stages of a Hindu life—right from pre-birth to post-death.


Karnvedh. This Sanskar is performed in the firth or the seventh year or at the end of the first year with Chudkaram Sanskar.


Upanayana. This is the most important Sanskar , which marks the beginning of the next stage of life – Youth. The word Upanayana means bringing near. The child is bought near to the Guru. This Sanskar is second birth for child – A spiritual birth. This Sanskar is performed during six to nine years of child.


This Sanskar is done along with Upanayana. The setting up with the Sacred thread entitles the child to study the Vedas and participate in Vedic functions.

The child commences his journey on the road to spiritual life. This is contrasted with a life of eating, sleeping and procreating, which kinds of life animals also live.

The child is sent to Gurukul.