Our Belief : Thought Revolution

 21st Century - Bright Future


Constitution of New Era - Our Solemn Pledge

[ Yug Nirman Sat-Sankalp ]


1.    Firmly believing in the Omnipresence of God and His Unfailing justice, we pledge to abide the essential disciplines of Divine principles (Dharma).


2.    Regarding the body as the Temple of God, we will be ever watchful to keep it healthy and full of vitality by adopting the principles of self-restraint, order and harmony in our daily-lives.


3.    With a view to keeping our minds free from the inrush of negative thoughts and emotions, we will adopt a regular program of study of ennobling and inspiring literature (swadhyaya) and of keeping the company of saints (satsang).


4.  We will vigilantly exercise strict control over our senses, thoughts, emotions and in the spending of our time and resources.


5.    We will consider ourselves inseparable parts of the society and will see our good in the good of all.


6.    We will abide by basic moral code, refrain from wrong doing and will discharge our duties as citizens committed to the well-being of the society.


7.    We will earnestly and firmly imbibe in our lives the virtues of Wisdom, Honesty, Responsibility and Courage.


8.    We will constantly and sincerely endeavour to create an environment of loving kindness, cleanliness, simplicity and goodwill.


9.    We will prefer failure while adhering to basic moral principles to so-called success obtained through unfair and foul means.


10.    We will never evaluate a person's greatness by his worldly success, talents and riches but by his righteous conduct and thoughts.


11.    We will never do unto others what we would not like to be done unto us.


12.    Men and women while interacting with each other will have feelings of mutual respect and understanding based on purity of thoughts and emotions.


13.    We will regularly and religiously contribute a portion of our time, talents and resources for spreading nobility and righteousness in the world.


14.    We will give precedence to discriminating wisdom over blind traditions.


15.    We will actively involve ourselves in bringing together people of goodwill, in resisting evil and injustice, and in promoting New Creation.


16.    We will remain committed to the principles of national unity and equality of all human beings. In our conduct, we will not make any discrimination between person and person on the basis of caste, creed, color, religion, region, language or sex.


17.    We firmly believe that each human being is the maker of his own destiny. With this conviction, we will uplift and transform ourselves and help others in doing so. We believe the world will then automatically change for the better.


18. Our Motto is: 'Hama Badalenge – Yuga Badalega', 'Hama Sudharenge – Yuga Sudhrega'. The trends of our times will transform, when we transform ourselves. When we reform ourselves, the world will be reformed.



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