3-Adulthood Ceremonies-Sanskars

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Adulthood ceremonies - From SAMAVARTANA to VIVAHA (From twenty two Years till end of life)

The way Hindu lives ,is wrapped around various rites called Sanskar. The Sanskar is said to be helping for achieving spiritual nourishment, peace of mind and ultimately moksha.

Sansar give a spiritual touch to the important events at different stages of a Hindu life—right from pre-birth to post-death.


This Sanskar is performed before entering the grahstha ashram or the life of a householder.

This is performed at the end of child’s study in Gurukul. The student has to take the permission of his guru before entering the ashram. After this the guru gives him important guidelines or tips for the grahstha ashram.


Vivaha. This sanskar is entry into the second Ashram. The life as individual family begins. Entering this stage of life, man has to take on his duties and has to pay spiritual debts by sacrifice , by procreating children and study. The bride and groom walks around Agni hand in hand. The bride sacrifices grains in the fire and chants mantras


Man withdraws himself from all worldly activities, retires into the forest and prepares himself for taking sanyas. This is the life of a Vanprastha.


A sanyasi renounces the world and leads a life of study and meditation by living on alms.