Gayatri Sadhna- Anusthan

Preparation  and method - Laghu Anusthan- 24,000 Gayatri Japa

Daily worship is a part of routine day to day living. Anusthan is a worship of a higher order in which the devotee is bound by many restrictions and has to follow specified rules and regulations. Consequently, in the latter case, special benefits accrue.Laghu)Small Anusthan--- 24000 Japs to be completed in 9 days at the rate of 27 cycles of rosary per day. Time taken: on an average, 3 hours per day (with about 10 to 11 Malas per hour)Pre-requisites for an Anusthan - Before starting Jaap........we have to do the following 5 activities. ::

  The performance is very simple.-


        A little water is held in the palm of left hand. The tip of fingers of right hand are then dipped in this water which is sprinkled on head and entire body accompanied with chanting of Gayatri Mantra.


        Thrice water is taken in the right palm and sipped along with the recitation of Gayatri Mantra. The objective is to invoke three powers of the divinity and derive strength from them just as child gains strength from sucking milk from mother's breast. These powers are 1.Hreem-truth predominant, 2.Shreem-prosperity predominant and 3.Kleem-activity predominant.


    After Aachman, the shikha (tuff of hair in the central part of the cranium) is wetted and tied in a half- knot (i.e. a knot that can be united by pulling the end.) While tying the knot Gayatri Mantra is chanted. the object of this ritual is to activate the dormant growth of hair at this place, application of little water will solve this purpose.


    It is a special technique of inhaling, retaining and exhaling in four steps:

1.      Be seated with calm mind. Keep the mouth totally closed. Now closed the eyes totally or partially. Slowly breathe in through the nostrils and the same time mentally recites the first part of the Gayatri Mantra: OM BHUR BHUVAH SWAH. At the same time conceive that through the nostrils you are drawing the inanimate vital power of Almighty (Brahma) which is pervading the entire universe and has the omnipotence to destroy unhappiness and misery. With his thought in mind slowly fill in the lungs to utmost capacity.

2.      Now retain the breath with the accompaniment of 'tat savitur varenyam'. Imagine that the ' Pran' being drawn in the omnipotent and radiant like sun. Imagine the energy emitted by it is permeating each and every part of your interior. With this conception retain the breath for half the period then (1) above.

3.      Slowly exhale from the nostrils with the accompaniment of 'bhargo devasya dhimahi'. While doing the conceive that the pran- life force is departing after consuming your vices and weakness. The period of exhalation should be equal to that of inhalation.

4.      After total exhalation, do not breathe in for a period equivalent to ( 2 ) i.e. the interval for which breath was retained. While doing so, mentally recite 'Dhio yonah prachodayat'. The accompanying thought process should be that Godess Vedmata Gayatri activating our dorment wisdome.

(5) NYAS :

        Literally 'Nyas' means to assimilate. Nyas is performed to imbibe, establish and assimilate the virtuous forces ( satoguni shakti )of Gayatri in each and every visible and invisible part of one's human existence. A bridge is formed putting together the Thumb and Anamika (ring finger). Then dipping these fingers in the water held in left palm (1) water is sprinkled over body, then touched to (2) eyes, (3) ears, (4) lips, (5) throat, (6) heart, (7) navel and (8) shoulders and thighs From left to right successfully.

Gayatri Mantra is chanted part by part with each action .

2 -After that dev avahan ( invite Iswar,Devta - Sadguru)

3- panchopchar pujan ( offering) --  flower,rice,sweet,chandan,water

+ Kalash Pujan + Sankalp  (Tie Red String )

4.light the lamp and then after you can do Jaap. with Dhyan.

5. aarti

6. Visarjan  (Suryarghdan)

(Anusthan Purnahuti goes with Yagya)

Number of 'Ahutis' prescribed for of  Laghu Anusthan-

In ancient times, it was convenient to oblate one tenth of the total number of Japs in the Havan in an Anusthan. In the present circumstances, it is sufficient to offer one hundredth number of 'Ahutis'. The number thus amounts to :- (a) Small Anusthan - 240 Ahutis.

The number of Ahutis distributed during the Yagya (Havan)- Havan may either be performed each day or on the last day of the Anusthan. Oblations required each day are equal to the number of 'malas', (cycles of rosary) whereas on the last day the number of 'Ahutis' should be equal to one hundredth of the total number of Japs (recitation of Mantras). When more than one person participates in the Havan, the cumulative number (number of persons multiplied by number of Ahutis) is counted. (e.g. 100 Ahutis by 5 persons will be considered as 500 Ahutis; for 240 Ahutis 6 persons may offer together 40 'Ahutis' each etc.).

What should one do if some unfavourable unforeseen events occur during an Anusthan?

Under such circumstances one may discontinue the Sadhana, Jap etc. for the period and resume it later from the count of disruption. However, a mental recitation, without a rosary, is permissible in all circumstances.

With full devotion and Sraddha Definitely, you will experience life changing energy and peace.

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